This is Trevor Haglin. He is a bass trombone player. Originating from Staples, Minnesota, he is currently based in Whitewater, Wisconsin, where he currently go to school. He is a student of the University of Whitewater, studying trombone performance. He plays in the jazz band, symphony orchestra, trombone ensemble and trombone quartet. He also plays trumpet in one of the jazz combos, as well as tuba in marching band.

Although he can hold his own in an orchestral setting he specializes in jazz, and improvisation and more commercialized music. His favorite to play is New Orleans brass band jazz rock fusion. Musical styles, elements and influences of Snarky Puppy and Young Blood Brass band can be heard in his playing. He has gigged around town at holiday markets and jazz clubs with the jazz combo he plays in, as well as toured around the state with the big band he plays in. He has also played on stage with Extra Crispy Brass Band, the Swingin' Medallions, and the Ryan Meisel Quartet. 

Music has always come natural to him. He is a composer and arranger out of high school, bringing tunes to my jazz combo and trombone ensemble, as well as writing bass trombone parts to a handful of charts he's played in his big band over the years: all the ones that only had three trombone parts. He's always had a natural ear for playing melodies on the fly, and arranging. He is one of the fastest arrangers he knows. He can arrange a high quality tune for small or medium sized ensemble in as little as a day. He is casually known among his friends and colleagues as the composer, arranger, perfect pitch, circular breathing, multiphonics master bass bone man.